We at VETEL / YachtSafe want you to feel safe regarding how we handle your personal information. The new Data Protection Act, the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation), will begin in the EU on May 25, 2018, which gives you as a customer extended rights. This means that you get better control over what personal information companies and organizations have about you and how they can be used. Therefore, we would like to inform you that our terms and conditions of purchase have been supplemented with an Privacy Policy. We are open to how we collect, process and save your personal information. We need this information, for example, to complete the delivery of your purchased service or product, and send you newsletters or custom offers.

Privacy Policy, GDPR update: 2018 05 21

VETEL AB privacy policy for processing personal data – EU General Data Protection Regulation

VETEL AB (hereinafter referred to as VETEL). 556751-4384, Bror Nilssons Gata 16, 417 55 Göteborg, Sweden is the person responsible for processing personal data in VETEL's database, online store, administration system, etc. 

Purpose of registration and processing of personal data

You will feel safe when you submit personal information to VETEL. All processing of personal data is in accordance with applicable laws and we take ongoing steps to protect your personal data.

VETEL treats personal information when you:

• ordering a product or service from VETEL AB

• Register customer information, vehicle information, insurance nr etc.

• Sign up for newsletters, promotional offers or a contest / event

• Contact us in other cases via eg mail, email or social media

Purpose of registration of personal data

• In order to handle order and purchase - Required to fulfill our obligations under the purchase agreement. If the information is not provided, our commitments can not be fulfilled and we may have to refuse your purchase.

• In order to fulfill VETEL's legal obligations - Necessary handling for compliance with the company's legal obligations under legal requirements.

• In order to handle customer service issues - Communication and response of any questions to customer service via telephone or digital channels eg social media in order to fulfill agreements with the registered or legal obligation.

• In order to evaluate, develop and improve our services, products and systems - Customize services to simplify and become more user-friendly to highlight features commonly used by customers. The data is processed on the basis of our legitimate interest in developing the business and communicating with our contacts.

• In order to prevent abuse of a service or to prevent, prevent and investigate crimes against the company - Prevention and investigation of possible fraud or other offenses. Protecting and improving our IT environment against attacks and intrusion.

• To manage your subscribed service - Creation of login function. Securing your identity. Maintaining correct and updated information.

Sensitive personal data

VETEL does not record sensitive personal data. If you provide such information, we suppose that you want us to register the information.

What personal data do we treat?

The personal information we process is:

• Name

• Address

• Phone nr

• Mail Address

• Country

• YachtSafe Alarm information: serial number, phone number, PIN code

• Vehicle data for the vehicle in which the alarm is installed

• Insurance information for the vehicle in which the alarm is installed

In addition, VETEL only uses your personal information for the purpose for which you provided them.

Consent in the processing of personal data

In accordance with the Personal Data Act / GDPR, we do not register any information without your consent. By signing up for a subscription, purchasing a product or service, registering as a subscriber for newsletters and sending email or email to VETEL, you agree that we store your information. You are always entitled to withdraw your approval: please send a email to support@yachtsafe.se or info@vetel.se 

Who may access your personal information

To the extent necessary for our administration of our services, we may in some cases share your personal information with so-called personal data counselors. For example, e-commerce vendor, marketing / mailing, payment solutions or where required by law, regulation or government decision.

A personal data counselor is a company that processes information on our behalf in accordance with our instructions and is not entitled to use the information for purposes other than those agreed upon in the instructions.

By agreement, they undertake to guarantee the security of the personal data processed and undertake to comply with our security requirements and to take certain technical and organizational measures to protect your personal data.

Your rights as registered

Right to register extract

You are entitled to receive free information about your personal data processed by the VETEL in a machine-readable format.

Keep in mind that if we receive a registry request request, we may ask for additional information to ensure the effective handling of your request and that the information is provided to the correct person.

Right to change

You may also request that your personal information be corrected if the information is incorrect. Within the stated purpose, you also have the right to supplement any incomplete information.

Right to erasure

You may at any time request the deletion of your personal information as we process. We may also correct or delete information that is incorrect or limit the processing of such information on its own initiative.

You also have the right to request that your information is not processed for direct marketing purposes.

We may be entitled to deny your request if there are legal obligations that prevent us from immediately deleting certain personal information. These obligations may include, for example, accounting and tax legislation, banking and money laundering legislation and consumer law.

Savings of personal data

We save your personal information for as long as we need to fulfill our commitment or due to legal obligations. Normally, your information is deleted immediately after termination of service, but no later than 36 months after completion of processing. Tasks processed for the purpose of developing, analyzing and marketing VETEL's operations are stored for a period of 12 months after the last contact.

How do we use cookies

We use cookies (cookies) on our website. (Cookies are a small text file consisting of letters and numbers stored in your browser or device). This enables Keep your personal settings and help us see what visitors are doing on our website. In browser settings on your computer, you can choose if you do not want cookies to be automatically stored on your computer.

VETEL uses cookies for statistics that enable us to improve our website. Examples of information we collect are:

• Number of visits

• Which pages are visited

• Which URLs / links visitors come from

• Which keywords are used

• Which search engines have been used

The information collected is not disclosed to unauthorized!

Privacy Authority –  The Swedish Data Protection Authority, (Datainspektionen in swedish)

Datainspektionen in Sweden is responsible for monitoring the application of the legislation. If you believe that VETEL handles your personal information in violation of current legislation or if you are dissatisfied with our treatment, you will be able to file a complaint to the swedish data protection authority .

How do you contact VETEL

VETEL takes privacy issues and data protection very seriously. This always involves the risk of disclosing personal data over the internet. No IT systems are completely protected from intrusion. VETEL is constantly taking the security measures we consider necessary to protect the confidentiality, availability and accuracy of personal data.

For questions, we have special employees who handle these issues, welcome to contact VETEL, YachtSafe: Monday-Friday 9-12 phonesupport during march til august or by email: support@yachtsafe.se

VETEL AB   Bror Nilssons Gata 16   417 55    Gothenburg   Sweden