Catch the thief!
And enjoy a good nights sleep.

With our GPS-tracker and alarm system you won't have to concern yourself with unexpected thefts and burglaries. You can simply relax and spend your time thinking about the more important things in life. Rest assured knowning you'll recover your vehicle. Our tracking and alarm system have helped the police in finding stolen goods worth millions of dollars. The best part about it - everything is controlled simply and smoothly through your smart phone.

- GPS-positioning!
- Movement alarm!
- Real time tracking!

Easy to use & install

1. Connect the tracker with a +/- cable to an external battery.

2. Register the tracker on our website, and purchase a subscription.

3. Download our app from AppStore / Google Play.

4. You now have full surveillance of your vehicle!

Always connected

Since the tracker is plugged in to an external power source, it's always connected. This means that you will be immediately notified when your vehicle is moved. More importantly, the alarm is triggered as soon as the thief disconnects the engine from the power source, resulting in you being notified even before the vehicle has left it's position.

Waterproof alarm that can handle tough environments

Our tracker is completely waterproof (IP68) and can therefore handle the toughest environments. It can without problems withstand both water and oil splash. This means you can place the tracker directly on the vehicles engine.

Conceived in Sweden & Developed in Scandinavia

YachtSafe makes it easy for you to keep an eye on your stuff, no matter where you are. Our tracker is developed in an environmentally sound and sustainable way in Scandinavia, in order to withstand the toughest environments.

Easily connect smart wireless gadgets

We offer 8 different wireless accessories for increased surveillance, giving you the opportunity to personalize the level of surveillance of your vehicle to your own needs.

Save money with Yachtsafe

Many insurance companies offer lower rates if you're using Yachtsafes tracker. That means you can start saving money by using Yachtsafe, even if nothing ever happens.
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Fields of application
Under the brand names Yachtsafe, Campsafe and Everysafe we offer our GPS-tracking devices and alarm systems to different fields of application. Read more about your preferred environment.


ATV and Caravans
It's easy to track your vehicle, in case of theft, if you have a GPS-alarm installed. It's also easy to prevent thefts and burglary with help of our wireless accessories like IR-sensors, siren, magnetic sensors etc. Due to our new Smartphone App it's now also easy to gather all your alarms and information in your phone which makes it possible to keep track of your belonging where ever you are.


With help of our popular and reliable GPS-alarm you decrease the risk for expensive thefts and it increases the chance to catch the thieves due to the possible to track your boat with help of the GPS-signal. Beside good protection against theft and burglary you can prevent unpleasant surprises with help of our wireless sensors.


We have the solutions needed for preventing expensive industrial thefts. Our new vibration sensor is mainly developed for construction machines and have many field of applications. One application is to minimize the risk for fuel thefts due to it´s ability to feel even small vibrations. It can also be mounted on cables to decrease the risk of expensive cable thefts.