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GDPR Privacy Policy update

At YachtSafe we value and protect your personal integrity.

New version of the previously updated APP

A new version of the app for iOS and Android is now available to download. Please first update your mobilphone to at least iOS 10.3 or Android-version 6.0 or higher.

Webpage problem with the browser Safari

Dear customer: please choose the browsers chrome or firefox when you log in to your account or when to buy GSM trafic.

 General terms updated may 21, 2018 regarding purchase of Service/GSM subscription

VETEL AB develops, manufactures and sells GPS trackers as well as wireless alarm accessories. In order to communicate with the alarm and alarm accessories, an alarm user also has to sign a Service /GSM subscription for 69 EURO, 1 year/500 communications. Communication with the alarm via app in mobile phone or via SMS. Depending on the mobile operator and the subscription form, operator charges may apply.

All prices are quoted including VAT.

We reserve the right to adjust ex-post prices as a result of, for example (but not limited to) currency fluctuations. 

Service/GSM subscribtion

VETEL handle the cost of the GSM-traffic for the customer and Telia Company is the supplier of the GSM traffic. Telia Company has the widest network in Sweden and cooperate with other mobile telecommunication suppliers throughout the world. 
The conditions for the customers buying 1 year/500 communications subscription:

1. The communication will start from the day of purchase and continue for one year.

2. VETEL AB has the right to terminate the communication if it exceeds the bought number of communications or at the end of a period.

3. The customer always has the right to renew a subsription which has been inactivated. Reactivation fee 20 Euro, total amount 89 Euro including 1 year/500 communication subscription.

VETEL reserves the right to change the text above and the prices without any restriction. However the changes will have to be reasonable.

To shop in our online store, you must be 18 years old. If you are younger parental permission is required.

Payment options
In the online store you can pay with VISA or Mastercard issued by bank. For card payments online, today we use Payex as a partner. VETEL does not handle any card details.

Delivery time
When ordering Service / GSM subscription, order confirmation will be sent to the registrered e-mail adress.  Activation of the alarm subsription often starts within 30 minutes, but it may take up to 48 hours for the subscription to be activated by the operator. Another e-mail will be sent to registrered email adress containing information about the alarms unique and pin code and this information are of high importance during installation and configuruation of the alarm in the YachtSafe app.

Terms when ordering YachtSafe alarmproducts such our GPS Tracker or wireless alarm accessories directly from VETEL and order sent to a customer in an EU country or Norway and Switzerland: Please contact VETEL,, for more information. 

Please also read our updated terms for GDPR Privacy Policy