VETEL AB develops, manufactures and sells GPS tracker as well as alarm accessories. In order to communicate with the alarm and alarm accessories, an alarm user also has to sign a Service / GSM subscription. Communication with the alarm via app in mobile phone all via SMS Commands. The terms below when buying in e-commerce or by order to VETEL AB.

All prices are stated in EUR including VAT on purchase of Service / GSM subscription as well as recommended recommended prices for alarm products at Service / GSM subscription: 69 EUR for 1 year / 500 communications. Depending on the operator and the subscription form, operator charges may apply. In case a Service / GSM subscription has become inactive and then renewed, the price is 89 EUR for 1 year / 500 communications incl. re-activation fee (20 EUR). Corporate customers' prices for the purchase of alarm products are at the login online store listed excluding VAT. We reserve the right to adjust ex-post prices as a result of, for example (but not limited to) currency fluctuations.

To shop in our online store, you must be 18 years old. If you are younger then the goalkeeper's permission is required.

Delivery time
When ordering Service / GSM subscription, the purchase is confirmed by order confirmation to registered e-mail address. Subscription activation usually occurs within 30 minutes, but it may take up to 48 hours for the subscription to be activated by the operator. An additional e-mail will be sent to registered e-mail address in conjunction with activation, containing the unique phone number of the alarm and PIN. When ordering and delivering alarm products and these are in stock the item at the time of order, the package will be delivered by the next weekday, and then arrive at the receiver normally within 1-3 working days later. It is important, however, that you entered the mobile number on the order, otherwise it will take another day to get the paper in the mailbox.

Compensation Goods
We continuously implement changes in the range. Should any of the goods you ordered be stocked, we reserve the right to deliver an equivalent replacement item. If you receive a replacement item, you will be entitled to full return.

Payment options
In the online store and upon purchase of Service / GSM subscriptions and alarm products you can pay with VISA or Mastercard. For card payments online, today we use Payex as a partner. Vetel AB does not handle any card details.

Resellers: payment terms 30 days when purchasing YachtSafe's GPS tracker and alarm accessories unless otherwise agreed.  VETEL does not charge a billing fee.  Reminder fee will be charged with 7 EUR, plus interest on late payment with 10% + current reference rate.

Mode of delivery
We have a fixed price on shipping regardless of how much you order GPS alarm products. Postal package: 9 EUR including VAT, applies only to private individuals. Your package will be shipped to the delivery point closest to the address you specified at the time of order. Business customers are charged 16 EUR kr excl. VAT and the orders will be delivered by company package.

International Parcel Post
For orders of alarm products to countries within the EU, Norway and Switzerland: we will ship when we have received the payment.

Delivery Confirmation
When the package is packed and ready, we will send you information regarding your shipment to your e-mail address or by SMS to the mobile number you entered when ordering. With this number you can track the package via the freight forwarders website.

Order Confirmation
When you complete your order, you will receive an automatic confirmation of the email address you provided. Please note that your ordered order may change after manual review. We will always notify you when changing orders.

Transport Risk
We are responsible for the transport risk to you. If the package is damaged during pickup, we recommend that you advertise it directly with your agent or to us. If you first detect the damage when you have returned home, please contact us. Any return is at the buyer's expence.

Not collected packages
For unpatched packages, VETEL reserves the right to charge the customer 15 Eur for shipping, packaging and handling costs.

Right of withdrawal in the online store
If you buy a product remotely via our online store, mail order, support, you have a right of withdrawal under the distance contract law, which allows you to undo the purchase within 14 days. After you have returned the product, we will refund the amount within 30 days, but usually it will be much faster than that. The withdrawal period begins to run on the day you received the item. You have the right to open and check the alarm product. If there is a decrease in value at the opening and check of the alarm product, we will deduct the corresponding amount when we refund your order. We recommend returning package well, together with original packaging and packaging as well as any accessories (such as remote, user manual, battery, etc.). In order to facilitate the handling of the cancellation right, we recommend that you attach a receipt, invoice or similar proof of purchase together with your return. Always use a package service (via Mail or carrier) with tracking possibility as you are responsible for the risk and the cost of the return freight. In case of refund, we recommend that you enter bank and bank account number IBAN etc (including banks clearing number), in order to avoid any cancellation charges. Send your return to: VETEL AB Bror Nilssons Gata 16, 417 55 Gothenburg, Sweden

VETEL AB generally leaves 24 months warranty on YachtSafe GPS track transmitters and alarm accessories. Year 3: private customers have the right of complaint. During year 3, the customer is responsible for all shipping and service costs until factory defects are proven. The burden of proof lies with the customer. The warranty is valid from the date of purchase and covers fabrication and material defects. Damage or consumables are not covered by the warranty. In addition, the warranty does not apply to damage caused by accident or negligence. If the relevant workshop finds that a defect in a product is not a warranty, the customer may be charged a repair or investigation fee. VETEL does not replace loss of data for any warranty and service matters, but it is up to the customer himself to make backup copies on an ongoing basis. VETEL is not responsible for loss in business activities.

In case of warranty:
Contact our service department via Enter item number, product name, purchase date, receipt number, error description and your postal address, and they will return to you for further processing. A cash receipt or invoice must always be displayed in case of warranty.
Return address: VETEL AB, Bror Nilssons Gata 16, 417 55 Gothenburg, Sweden

In Sweden, we have a statutory warranty of 3 years. It is the time you as a consumer have on you to address an error that occurred when delivering the item. The warranty is not to be confused with a warranty claim as it is the buyer to prove that the defect was on the product on the day of delivery (for a product within the right of complaint, over the age of 6 months and beyond warranty). On a product within the warranty ceremony, the burden of proof is the seller's. If the seller considers that the warranty does not apply, the seller who is likely to make the error is self-inflicted (for example, through a statement from the workshop). Return Address: VETEL AB, Bror Nilssons Gata 16, 417 55 Gothenburg, Sweden. Read more at Consumer Agency website in Sweden (Konsumentverket) If you would like to send a product to us for complaint, please contact our support department at and provide item number, product name, date of purchase, receipt / order number, what is wrong and your postal address.

Sales of alarm products to companies
We only invoice limited liability companies that have been in operation for at least two years and which report earnings and have no payment remarks (customary credit check is performed) Order is delivered with business parcel. We charge you shipping costs of 16 EUR excluding VAT / order.

We reserve the right to correct prices, images and product texts in error after printing. The same applies to our product manuals and information on our website.

In case of dispute, VETEL has the policy to comply with the decision of the General Complaints Board in Sweden.

Please also read our updated terms for GDPR Privacy Policy