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GDPR Privacy Policy update

At YachtSafe we value and protect your personal integrity.

New version of the previously updated APP

A new version of the app for iOS and Android is now available to download. Please first update your mobilphone to at least iOS 10.3 or Android-version 6.0 or higher.

Webpage problem with the browser Safari

Dear customer: please choose the browsers chrome or firefox when you log in to your account or when to buy GSM trafic.

VETEL AB and YachtSafe 

The first generation of YachtSafe was launched by the founders in 2007 and at the same time the trade mark YachtSafe was registered. The objective from beginning was to make it easy for boat owners to keep control of their boat. This is still the base for development but users of other applications have started to show an interest in the YachtSafe products. The GPS-alarm is being developed in line with the increasing technical performance within the GPS-area.

YachtSafe GPS-alarm and accessories is being developed, produced and sold by VETEL AB. The main part is being sold through resellers and OEM-customers who use the YachtSafe products within their equipment. 

VETEL AB is an electronic design and software company situated in Gothenburg, Sweden. The main activities are development of own products and customer based applications. 
The core competence is mobile communication and GPS-position technology.