Vehicles and construction equipment 
Under the brand name Everysafe we offer GPS-tracker and wireless alarm components to the vehicle and construction industry. With the GPS-tracker installed on you vehicle you will always be able to see real time position. If the vehicle for some reason moves out from the geo-fence you will receive a moving alarm. 

Avoid expensive thefts
We have the solutions needed for preventing expensive industrial thefts. Our new vibration sensor is mainly developed for construction machines and have many field of applications. One application is to minimize the risk for fuel thefts due to it´s ability to feel even small vibrations. It can also be mounted on cables to decrease the risk of expensive cable thefts. Receive alarm directly in your phone if someone starts to move the cables. Due to it's robust construction it withstands all sorts of tough outdoor environments.

With our new vibrations sensor you will minimize the risk of expensive fuel thefts. If someone would start burglary attempt you will receive an alarm directly in your phone. Expand your system with wireless magnetic sensors, GPS-alarm and siren and you will be protected in alpa situations.

A single GPS-alarm gives good protection for the smallest construction machines. It's easy to install and increase the chance to track your machine if it gets stolen.