Avoid unpleasant surprises 
Under the brand name Campsafe we offer tracking and alarm systems in order to prevent thefts and bulglaries for vehicles such as RV:s, Caravans, Scooters and ATV. It is easy to track your vehicle, in case of a theft, if you have a GPS-tracker installed. It is also easy to prevent thefts and burglary with help of our wireless alarm components, like IR-sensors, siren, magnetic contacts etc. Everything is controlled through the mobile application where you can turn on/off specific alarm components when ever you want.

Feel relaxed and secure on your holidays
With help of our wireless alarm components you are able to create a shell protection for your camping vehicle. This means that you are able to move freely inside but still be able to have the alarm for the otuside turned on. For instance, when you are sleeping in you Caraven you can have the sensitive mat outside the door switched on. With our GPS-tracker and alarm components you are able to feel secure wherever you decide to sleep over the night.