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GDPR Privacy Policy update

At YachtSafe we value and protect your personal integrity.

New version of the previously updated APP

A new version of the app for iOS and Android is now available to download. Please first update your mobilphone to at least iOS 10.3 or Android-version 6.0 or higher.

Webpage problem with the browser Safari

Dear customer: please choose the browsers chrome or firefox when you log in to your account or when to buy GSM trafic.


Avoid unpleasant surprises.

With help of our popular and reliable GPS-alarm you decrease the risk for expensive thefts and it increases the chance to catch the thieves due to the possible to track your boat with help of the GPS-signal.

Beside good protection against theft and burglary you can prevent unpleasant surprises with help of our wireless sensors. Receive alarms directly in you mobile phone if the power supply is cut of, if the temperature increases or decreases more than accepted and if there is a water leakage. Above all you are able to actually ad products of you choice like fridges or heater to the system and communicate with those via you mobile phone.



Protect your belongings

Outboard motors and Jetskis are attractive objects to steal. However with our wireless alarm systems you decrease the risk of expensive thefts. Our GPS-alarm is completely incapsulated ans optimal to use in small boats due to its capability to withstand all weather conditions and motor vibrations. Mount it directly on your motor as one example. Beside this our GPS-alarm has an extremely low power usage and long battery lifetime and which makes it last for three weeks of tracking. This increase the chance to fin you boat again in case of theft. 

Beside our GPS-alarm we also offering a wide range of accessories like small wireless sensors as one example. Magnetic sensors are perfect to secure doors and all kinds of openings. If someone then tries to break in to your boat you immediately receive an alarm directly in your phone. Connect a siren to your system for further protection

If you also want to protect you boat or jetski when it's on land we recommend you to bye our IR-sensor. You are then able to secure your garage as an example and directly receive alarm in your phone if somebody tries to steal something in this fixed area. We have an alarm solution for each specific situation and all alarms and accessories can be combined with each other. You also have the possibility to start with just a few products and then expand your system when your needs are increasing.



Customize your system for total protection

We have all the products that you need to be able to customize your alarm system depending on each specific situation. With help of our GPS-alarm and accessories you make it hard for the thieves. Beside this you are also able to get all sort of information directly in your phone like temperature, alarm in case of water leakage, voltage level and GPS-position.