GPS Tracker G31 & G32

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New version of the previously updated APP

A new version of the app for iOS and Android is now available to download. Please first update your mobilphone to at least iOS 10.3 or Android-version 6.0 or higher.

Webpage problem with the browser Safari

Dear customer: please choose the browsers chrome or firefox when you log in to your account or when to buy GSM trafic.

YachtSafe GPS-larm G31 & G32

Down below you find a summary of how to start using your alarm. Se manual for more detailed instructions.

1. Mount the alarm unit standing vertically or lying horizontally according to the picture. The GPS-signal passes normally throughwood, plastic and glass but not solidmetal. Try to place the alarm unit in an open environment to get a strong GPS-signal. The GPS-signal also gets stronger with fewer layers of materials. If the alarm is used in a metal boat the alarm unit should then be placed close to an window. Also note that computers and transformer may jam the GPS-signal. If you don’t get any GPS-reception with the app, or if the app often shows an old position, then the alarm unit has to be moved. However, note that it can take some hours to get the GPS-position for the first time when the alarm is new.

2. Connect the alarm unit to a voltage source (red cable = Plus, black cable = ground). G33 has a different cable and has to be installed by an authorized fitter. The white cable (The output of the alarm) goes to ground when it’s active. With installation of a siren red cable goes to red and black cable the white on G32.


Registration and activation

First of all you have to register the alarm and buy GSM-traffic. You do this easily on our website,, by choosing Register Alarm in the top menue. It’s also easy to do this directly in your app and all the alarm information will then be added automatically. If the registration is done with a computer you have to add all the alarm information manually. Note that you don’t need to have the app to use the alarm because you can SMS communication.

See manual for more detailed instructions.


Communicate with the alarm

SMS-commands are sent from cell phones to the telephone number of the alarm unit. All commands start with the alarm unit’s four numbered pincode, space and the name of the SMS-command. One or several parameters separated by space may also follow. Uppercase or lowercase letters can be mixed. All 

SMS-commands respond with an SMS from the alarm unit.