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YachtSafe GPS Alarm

YachtSafe GPS Alarm

Easy to install and to use
The new App for your mobile phone makes it even easier.

Extremely low power consumption
Only 2 - 7 mA at 12 VDC, which is less than 0,1W.

Completely moulded for all environments
IP 68, can stand vibrations directly mounted on an engine and made to stand water, oil and petrol.

An affordable and robust GPS alarm for all types of boats, vehicles, construction, etc. that is easy to install and use. YachtSafe GPS alarm is designed to work with wireless sensors, remote control and a siren. All alarms is sent to your mobile phone, where you can also follow your property directly on a map.

The alarm control unit is small and can be widely used as it has a strong housing and built-in antennas. It works perfectly in outboard engines/motors, trailers, cars, caravans, trucks, water jets, 4 and 2-wheel motor bikes etc.

As the alarm unit is small and discreet, with rugged enclosure and embedded antennas, it has many uses. For example It serves excellent as a small tracking device for outboard motors, personal watercraft, ATVs and motorcycles. 

YachtSafe GPS alarm is designed for easy installation
The small GPS alarm unit has a strong metal holder for robust mounting. All antennas (RF, GPS and GSM) are built-in and there are only three wires for installation; Plus and Minus (12-24 VDC) and one optional for external control, for example of a siren.
Install one or more wireless sensors in the appropriate place, and use your mobile phone to tell the alarm unit to whom it should send alarms. (No SIM card required). It is now installed and ready to be used.

To communicate with the G31 and G32 alarms you need to buy GSM-trafic:
Yearly cost of GSM/GPRS service that includes 500 commmunications in EU, 69 euro (including VAT).

Recommended retail price for the G31 is 276 euro exl. VAT & for the G32: 316 euro exl. VAT.



YachtSafe GPS alarm is available in two variants

3110, G31 Tracking
GPS alarm and tracking (possible to connect our remote control)

3210, G32 System
GPS alarm, tracking and support for all our wireless accessories.

Common for G31, G32

  • App for easy use
  • GPS-position for tracking
  • Geofence (alarm if moved outside restricted area)
  • Monitoring of connection of external supply, sabotage alarm
  • Monitoring of external battery/supply level 
  • Monitoring of internal battery
  • Internal temperature sensor
  • wireless communication to remote control


Unique for G32

Support for all our wireless accessories, like various sensors to detect burglary.
G32 has an output for siren or other control function.

Technical specifications for G31 and G32

Dimensions* (mm) 74x48x28 Weight* (g) 150
Temperature range -30 to +70°C
Operating voltage (V) 12-24V
Energy consumption (mA) 2 or 7mA
Internal GSM/GPS antennas GSM band 850/900/1800/1900
Internal battery 2000mAh IP68 housing
Alarm unit’s internal battery – 2Ah
Tracking time of the internal battery Up to 2 weeks
Alarm monitoring of the internal battery Up to 3 months
Please see further information updated digital manual nov 2017.