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4010 Remote control

49,00 EUR


The remote radio control device has 4 main functions: 

1. On / Off buttons
To turn the alarm on and off

2. SOS button 
This activates an alert message that includes position information, which is sent to the predefined alarm numbers.

3. Low power consumption mode.
This means that the alarm unit can handle up to 3 months only on the internal battery. In this state, the alarm unit cannot be contacted by a mobile phone, but still  there is full alarm monitoring available. Would it be an alarm, the alarm unit can contacted again

4. Control of Output 
With this button you can control power of an external device, e.g. a heater or fridge in a boat. (Only available on the GPS alarm, G32)

The communication between the remote control and alarm unit is bidirectional. When the remote is flashing, it means that the command is sent and the alarm unit has received the key press.

One or more remote controls can be used for the same alarm unit.



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